Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Crean of the Crop

The Indiana Hoosiers comfirmed today that they hired Tom Crean, formerly of Marquette, to coach the Indiana Hoosiers basketball team. The hire comes as something of a suprise, but a pleaseant one. After missing out on Washington State's Tony Bennett (my preferred choice), Indiana quickly inked Crean to an 8 year contract. What does this mean for the future of Hoosier Basketball?

The good news is that Crean appears to be a good fit for Indiana. He is the classic "hard working white guy" that the Hoosier nation so loves. He runs an aggressive half-court defense designed to force turnovers, something which Knight aficianados will appreciate. He also has a lot of expereince coaching the Big Ten (as an assistant at MSU) and in tournement play with Marquette. He seems to be a strong recruiter and should benefit from Indiana's reputation as being a top notch program.

Crean has his work cut out for him however. After years of stability under Knight, the program is bordering on disarray. The Alumni's veto of Mike Davis damaged recruiting and the program--resulting in his ouster and the hiring of Kelvin Sampson. Although the Sampson is a good coach and liked by his players, in retrospect, the hire looks atrocious. Obviously, many of the current players are angry at the situation. Two starters have been kicked off the team for rules violations, one will probably go pro, and two others are graduating--leaving Crean with little. Regardless of Crean's ability, Hoosier fans need to be prepared from lean years under Crean.

The whole situation is a shame, particularly for the players who are currently on the team. Personally, I think Athletic Director Greenspan needs to go to, as this debacle occured unders his watch--but that is me.

That being said, I do think it is a good hire and I just hope that Crean knows what he is getting in to.

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